1 CPE Zoom Meeting - Cloud Security Architecture Implementation - 5 Phases

When: 12-1pm on Thursday 11/12/2020

Meeting Location: Zoom virtual meeting

Speaker: Jonathan Villa, Cloud Security Practice Director, GuidePoint Security

Jonathan Villa has worked as a technology consultant since 2000. He has focused on the information security field since 2003. For more than 10 years Jonathan worked with a large municipality as a senior consultant in several competencies, including PCI compliance and training, web application architecture and security, vulnerability assessments and developer training, and web application firewall administration. Jonathan also co-architected and managed an automated continuous integration environment that included static and dynamic code analysis for over 150 applications deployed to several distinct environments and platforms. Jonathan started working with virtualization and cloud technologies since 2005; and since 2010 he has focused primarily on cloud security, helping clients—various organizations across North America, South America, and Asia to enhance the security posture of their public and hybrid cloud environments via customized deployment of security solutions into CI/CD methodologies.

Presentation: Cloud Security Architecture Implementation - 5 Phases

After over a decade the term 'cloud' continues to be defined differently depending on perspective. Identifying an effective cloud security strategy depends on how your organization defines cloud and the operational model chosen to build and manage your cloud environment (i.e. CI/CD, lift-and-shift, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS). Key topics will include: - How cloud customers have approached cloud security and challenges encountered - Cloud computing is an operational model with patterns; we’ll talk about observations that developed the patterns presented today - As more cloud customers adopt multi-cloud solutions, a holistic approach can set the foundation for success. *SLIDES PRESENTED*

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