1 CPE Zoom Meeting - Securing Your Entire Attack Surface

When: 12-1pm on Wednesday 5/19/2021

Meeting Location: Zoom virtual meeting

Speaker: Joe Malinka - Technical Sales Director

Joe Malinka is based in New York and has worked as an engineer, consultant, and security advisor to many Fortune 500 organizations over the past two decades, ranging from global financials to hospitals, manufacturers, and retailers. Joe specializes in helping companies uncover and mitigate previously unseen risk, as well as how to improve the efficiencies of their security teams through integration, automation, and AI. He has earned various security certifications and possesses extensive experience in information security and architectural design.

Presentation: No Device Left Behind: Securing Your Entire Attack Surface

We will discuss the need for a security operations triad that encompasses endpoint, network, and log-based visibility. Through case studies, Joe will show why threats such as unmanaged devices or attackers that "live off the land" can expose organizations to significant risk. He will also use a live demonstration of some of these threats to showcase why the changing attacker tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) require an approach that is not just focused on malware detection, but also on identifying both low-and-slow behavior as well as insider threats. 

Many organizations are developing or purchasing solutions that use machine learning, deep learning, NLP, or similar discipline. It's also a safe bet that security isn't a consideration in their development. After all, software development and model development are different, and after some time, you might not be getting what you paid for. It's essential for security professionals to have a baseline understanding of these concepts so they can adequately defend them. In this presentation, we'll look at this new attack surface and provide an introduction to these concepts for security professionals. With the right amount of knowledge and preparation, we can lower the attack surface.

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