1 CPE Zoom Meeting - Self-Learning AI: Redefining Enterprise Security

When: 12-1pm on Wednesday 12/1/2021 (RESCHEDULED from 11/17/2021)

Meeting Location: Zoom virtual meeting

Speaker: Andrea Dempsey - Cybersecurity Manager

Andrea Dempsey is a Cybersecurity Manager at Darktrace, a global leader in cyber security AI. At Darktrace, Andrea works with leading organizations in a range of industries to deploy and operationalize cutting edge technologies. During Andrea’s tenure at Darktrace, the company has grown to over 5,600 customers and has been the recipient of numerous achievements, including being named on of TIME magazine’s ‘Most Influential Companies’ for 2021. Andrea holds a Bachelor's Degree from The Ohio State University and is based in Darktrace’s Atlanta office.

Presentation: Self-Learning AI: Redefining Enterprise Security

In this new era of cyber-threat, characterized by both slow and stealthy attacks and rapid, automated campaigns, static and siloed security tools are failing - and the challenge has gone beyond one that is human-scalable. Organizations need to urgently rethink their strategy to ensure their systems, critical data and people are protected, wherever they are. Today’s Autonomous, Self-Learning defenses are capable of identifying and neutralizing security incidents in seconds, not hours - before the damage is done. Key Topics: - Detecting, investigating and responding to threats - Protecting your entire workforce and digital environment - Defending against zero-days and other advanced attacks - The implications and applications of Self Learning AI.

For more information visit: https://www.darktrace.com/en/


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