November 8th General Meeting with 1 Hour Presentation and CPE Credit

Presentation 4:30-6pm followed by Networking 6-7pm with Appetizers

Meeting Location: Sheraton Hotel, Jaguar II, 10605 Deerwood Park Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32256

Meeting Sponsor: Tenable

Speaker: Jack Daniel

Jack Daniel is a co-founder of Security BSides, a community builder, storyteller, technologist, historian, security professional, and he works for Tenable. Jack has over 20 years experience in network and system administration and security, and has worked in a variety of practitioner and management positions. Jack used to put letters after his name but he's let most of them fall off and feels better now.

Presentation: The CIS Controls Revisited

The SANS top twenty critical controls made a splash when they launched, and evolved into the CIS (Center for Internet Security) Controls. There are still twenty controls, but they have been updated significantly since the early days and have more supporting tools to assist in leveraging the CIS Controls in your organization. The presentation will review the CIS Controls and the tools to help you use them effectively in your organization.

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