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Welcome to the Northeast Florida ISSA Chapter
January 2017 Meeting PDF Print E-mail

January 12th Meeting Canceled Due to Sheraton Hotel Remodeling

Next Meeting Will Be February 23rd

Visit these websites for additional chapter details:

• Local Chapter Website:

• LinkedIn Group Site:

• Patron Sponsors Page:

Schedule for 2017 Meetings: 2/23, 4/6, 5/18, 8/24, 10/5, 11/16

Chapter goals and leadership principles:

• To have informative chapter events and fun professional social networking

• Share and promote vendor neutral best practices for information security

• Promote the educational and ethical standards, and the knowledge base of the ISSA association and the CISSP certification

More info: Please contact the local Board of Directors of the Jacksonville / NE Florida ISSA Chapter at: ISSA - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

• Board Members: Chris Layfield (Verizon Enterprise), Vicki Harris (Maximus), Scott Manning (Black Knight Financial), James Case (Baptist Health), Josh Oquendo (Black Knight Financial), Derek Sandland (The Main Street America Group)

To join ISSA: Go to and click Join Now. For the Chapter selection, find Northeast Florida chapter.


December 2016 Meeting PDF Print E-mail

December 1st General Mtg & 1Hr CPE Preso 4:30-6pm, Networking 6-7pm with Appetizers

Meeting Location: Sheraton Hotel, Jaguar II, 10605 Deerwood Park Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32256

Meeting Sponsor: zScaler

Speaker: Kevin Peterson, CISSP

Kevin Peterson is the director or security and network transformation at Zscaler, where he primarily works with the largest cloud security deployments to ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved. He brings with him the advantage of having lead the security efforts for one of McKesson's (Fortune 10) major business units (75 software products, managed services...), as well as the company-wide cloud security strategy, ranging from A to Z (Azure to Zscaler!). As a top practitioner and trusted advisor on both enterprise and cloud security topics, his goal is helping everyone achieve the most effective security with the lowest cost to the business.

Presentation: Together, we can cure SSL blindness

"If you see something, say something"...that's what the Department of Homeland Security asks of us. But it's kind of hard to do that if we are blind to well over half of the Internet traffic. So now we want to take a hard look at SSL encryption and why it is so important to inspect this traffic at all times, whether on or off the corporate network, then share how it can be properly addressed.


For more information visit:


September 2016 Meeting PDF Print E-mail

September 22nd General Mtg & 1Hr CPE Preso 4:30-6pm, Networking 6-7pm with Appetizers

Meeting Location: Sheraton Hotel, Jaguar II, 10605 Deerwood Park Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32256

Meeting Sponsor: Quadrant Information Security

Speaker: Champ Clark III

Champ Clark III is a founder and CTO at Quadrant Information Security. Champ got involved in computer and network security at an early age and has been an author for Syngress publishing. He has been a speaker at HOPE, Defcon, CCC and various private events. Champ is the primary author of Sagan, the advanced log analysis engine which helps thousands of users and customer make sense of logs every day

Presentation: Trends Seen In The SOC and Honeypots!

Cyber Security trends across the landscape are impacting all business verticals and threat intelligence processes, both traditional and proactive. We will share cyber security trends and “what we are seeing” from our SOC, monitoring/investigating/validating and alerting 24/7 in real-time to our clients both locally as well as globally. Then we will explore some of the standard methods of big data collection and more traditional threat intelligence processes and how it differs from the proactive approach we feel is the newest way of gathering threat intelligence in turn allowing for better Information Security posture for our clients. For example, we will explore the value and use of honeypots, how they are set up and how they are utilized for intelligence. Some of the traditional methods, although useful, tend to lack context and be reactive. Finally, we will explore how we are being proactively intelligent and utilizing some new quality methods and processes. In particular, we have a patent pending process called the APT Deflector that is a part of our overall BlueDot threat intelligence and Sagan Solution. “If ‘big data’ is the ‘next oil’, then the money will be in the refineries.” We are building the refineries.


For more information visit:


October 2016 Meeting PDF Print E-mail

October 27th General Mtg & 1Hr CPE Preso 4:30-6pm, Networking 6-7pm with Appetizers

Meeting Location: Sheraton Hotel, Jaguar II, 10605 Deerwood Park Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32256

Meeting Sponsor: Splunk

Speaker: Rene Aguero

Rene Aguero is currently the Area Manager of Security Markets at Splunk. Prior to Splunk he was at Rapid7. At Rapid7, he helped architect Rapid7 deployments and services ranging from Vulnerability Management, Penetration Testing, User Threat Actor Detection and Attribution. Prior to Rapid7, Rene worked in the financial sector in Southern California as an IT Manager where he designed networks and security solutions to keep PII and Credit Card data secure through the use of FWs, IPS/IDS and various encryption methods. Rene received a Master of Science in Business Administration with Emphasis in IT Security, IT Audit and Computer Forensics from California Polytechnic University Pomona. Rene has appeared on Associated Press and their consuming news agencies on topics like the End of XP and the Anthem healthcare breach.

Presentation: Tipping The Scales Back In Our Favor

The economics of attacks heavily favor the attackers. 0 day vulnerabilities and malware kits are coming with support and SLAs similar to legitimate software vendors. It is becoming increasingly difficult to stop even lower budget attacks because of this. International/Nation state cyberespionage and cyberwarfare fuels the fire of hactivists and cybercriminals by allowing the former bleeding edge tools and techniques to make their way down the chain once they are no longer deemed effective at the government level. Financial institutions were the first business sector to suffer persistent attacks because of the ease of monetization of the data that could be bought and sold on the black market. Large retail sectors quickly followed due to the prevalence and ease of access to credit card data that can quickly be turned into cash. Healthcare targets are next on the cybercriminals lists. Healthcare organizations have not been held to the same data security standards as financial institutions and payment card vendors, but their data is harder to change (SSN, healthcare data). This data can be used to spearfish, perform tax fraud and successfully execute identity theft. All of these events validate the increasing need for advances threat detection systems and ultimately faster and better forensics. Signature based AV is dead. Symantec has said so. Sandboxing can be circumvented with advanced malware that detects whether it is running within a VM. Polymorphic malware and exploits that run at the kernel level are almost impossible to stop. All of the data gathered breaches lead to better spear phishing attacks to the harvesting passwords. These passwords would allow legitimate access to data in networks and in the cloud. Password and stolen credential attacks are not only difficult to detect but also difficult to investigate. Attackers are starting to mine this data that will ultimately be used in future attacks. Forensics tools that focus on user credentials, stolen passwords and lateral movement make it easier to uncover threat actor movements within a network and the extent of the breach. Despite all of the threats heading our way, this is not a moment for despair. This is a time for action. Building security response teams, bringing on security response services and using tools that limit the extent of breaches and attacks are critical to start to tip the scales back in our favor.


For more information visit:


August 2016 Meeting PDF Print E-mail

August 18th General Mtg & 1Hr CPE Preso 4:30-6pm, Networking 6-7pm with Appetizers

Meeting Location: Sheraton Hotel, Jaguar II, 10605 Deerwood Park Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32256

Meeting Sponsor: Proofpoint

Presentation: Secure Your Organization Against Email Threats

Attackers today do not just use one channel to launch their attacks - they use all of them. Email, social media, networks, and mobile apps are all part of the modern cybercriminal's arsenal, and many of these attacks are invisible to traditional security tools. Effective cybersecurity strategies require more than just accurate detection. Solutions that enable efficient response are also imperative for true protection. Join us to learn how to protect your people, data, and brand from impostor emails, ransomware, and other emerging threats seen in today’s complex threat landscape.


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