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June 2015 Meeting PDF Print E-mail

June 4th General Mtg & 1Hr CPE Preso 430-6pm, Networking 6-7pm with Appetizers

Meeting Location: Sheraton Hotel, Jaguar II, 10605 Deerwood Park Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32256

Meeting Sponsor: Verizon Enterprise

Cost: $10 for guests, Free to Registered ISSA Members



Our guest speaker: John Sgromolo, Verizon Risk Team

Recognized internationally as an accomplished practitioner in the disciplines of Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime Investigations, John’s diverse background includes a combined total of over twenty-five (25) years of managing complex digital investigations, supervising digital evidence processing facilities and serving as a Master Instructor in the field of Digital Forensics. John’s most recent achievement has been the creation and implementation of the Digital Forensics practice for one of America’s largest telecommunications companies, Verizon Communications, Inc. During his tenure at Verizon, John has personally led work resulting in the positive resolution of the most technically complex and high-profile cyber investigative cases in the history of Verizon Legal and Verizon Security. John currently serves as a Senior Consultant for Verizon’s elite cyber incident response group, the Verizon RISK Team.


Presentation: Verizon 2015 Data Breach Investigations Reports (DBIR)

More than a decade of data TRACKING THE EVOLUTION OF CYBER THREATS. Keep your organization on the winning side of cybercrime by understanding attackers’ methods. The 2015 report contains 11 years of historical data analyzing more than 100,000 security incidents.


For more information visit: www.verizonenterprise.com/DBIR/


Visit these websites for additional chapter details:

• Local Chapter Website: http://neflorida.issa.org

• LinkedIn Group Site: http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/1539547

• Patron Sponsors Page: http://neflorida.issa.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=47&Itemid=69


Schedule for remaining 2015 Meetings:

Chapter goals and leadership principles:

• To have informative chapter events and fun professional social networking

• Share and promote vendor neutral best practices for information security

• Promote the educational and ethical standards, and the knowledge base of the ISSA association and the CISSP certification

More info: Please contact the local Board of Directors of the Jacksonville / NE Florida ISSA Chapter at: ISSA - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

• Board Members: Chris Layfield (Verizon Enterprise), Vicki Harris (Black Knight Financial), Scott Manning (Black Knight Financial), David Croxton (FIS), Rob Carver (Black Knight Financial), James Case (Baptist Health)

To join ISSA: Go to www.issa.org and click Join Now. For the Chapter selection, find Northeast Florida chapter.


April 2015 Meeting PDF Print E-mail

April 30th General Mtg & 1Hr CPE Preso 430-6pm, Networking 6-7pm with Appetizers

Meeting Location: Sheraton Hotel, Jaguar II, 10605 Deerwood Park Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32256

Meeting Sponsor: Vormetric

Our guest speaker: Joe Tomasone

Joe has over 25 years in the information management and security industry. Most notably, Joe worked with Fortress Technologies (now a part of General Dynamics), where his responsibilities included consulting with enterprise customers on wired and wireless encryption and security, as well as evangelistic outreaches to industry associations such as Infragard and ISSA and to various governmental agencies at the local, State, and Federal levels, including briefings to the various civilian and military infosec and intelligence organizations. Joe’s infosec experience also includes industry leaders nCipher (a manufacturer of Hardware Security Modules; now a part of Thales e-Security) and currently Vormetric where he consults with customers on how to leverage encryption and other technologies in their organizations.


Presentation: Lessons To Learn From the Sony Attack

The recent breach at Sony made headlines not only due to the depth of the breach, but also due to the public disclosure of the breached material. This resulted in massive, unexpected problems for Sony – and imparted a few lessons that we can all learn from. In this presentation, we will learn not only how to avoid becoming the “next Sony”, but why this is more important than it might seem on the surface.


For more information visit: www.vormetric.com


February 2015 Meeting PDF Print E-mail

February 19th General Mtg & 1Hr CPE Preso 430-6pm, Networking 6-7pm with Appetizers

Meeting Location: Sheraton Hotel, Jaguar II, 10605 Deerwood Park Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32256

Meeting Sponsor: Elastica

Our guest speaker: Kelly Brazil, Director of Systems Engineering

Kelly has dedicated his career to enterprise security and has spent the last fifteen years introducing F500 and G2000 customers in North America and Asia Pacific to emerging security technologies while working for top-tier networking vendors and service providers including UUNET, Juniper Networks, and Palo Alto Networks. Most recently Kelly served as SE Director for Shape Security. Prior to that he served as SE Director at Palo Alto Networks building out the teams in APAC and the Western Region, North America.

Presentation: The Seven Deadly Sins of Traditional DLP in the New World of SaaS

Data loss prevention in the context of SaaS applications is starkly different from what needs to be done for traditional on-premises enterprise applications. A new approach to DLP is needed by organizations that are now relying on a hybrid of on-premise and SaaS applications. In this presentation we’ll discuss seven common challenges with securing content in the cloud and modern approaches to addressing the problem.

For more information visit: www.elastica.net



March 2015 Meeting PDF Print E-mail

March 26th General Mtg & 1Hr CPE Preso 430-6pm, Networking 6-7pm with Appetizers

Meeting Location: Sheraton Hotel, Jaguar II, 10605 Deerwood Park Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32256

Meeting Sponsor: Resolution1 Security

Guest speaker 1: Sean Mason, Vice President Incident Response, Resolution1 Security

After serving his commitment to the US Air Force, Sean has spent his career with Fortune 500 companies (GE, Monsanto, Harris & CSC) where he has worked in a variety of IT & industry verticals, including software development, auditing, information security, Defense, Aviation, Finance, Energy, Biotechnology, and Healthcare. Sean served as the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) representative for Harris from 2009-2011 and also notable is that Sean was the Director of Incident Response for GE, which is considered one of the most sophisticated teams in the world. Sean also serves as a Subject Matter Expert for ISC2, helping to design credentials’ common body of knowledge and exam questions as well as sitting on the ISC2 Application Security Advisory Council (ASAC).

Guest speaker 2: Lucas Zaichkowsky, Enterprise Defense Architect, Resolution1 Security

Lucas Zaichkowsky is responsible for providing expert guidance on the topic of cybersecurity. Prior to joining Resolution1 Security, Lucas was a Technical Engineer at Mandiant where he worked with Fortune 500 organizations, the Defense Industrial Base, and government institutions to deploy measures designed to defend against the worlds most sophisticated attack groups.


Presentation: Bad Guys Finish Last

Asymmetric attacks against corporations have become the new normal and the perception is the defenders need to get security right every time to be successful, while an attacker only has to get it right once. While there is a hint of truth in that generalized statement, it has been proven time and again to be a flawed way of thinking. Data breaches are the result of multiple points of failure from vulnerability exploitation to lack of threat detection and proper incident response. Learn how modern security teams have gained a defenders advantage through defensive posturing and the vision driving Resolution1 Security to enable their success.


For more information visit: www.resolution1security.com

January 2015 Meeting PDF Print E-mail

January 15th General Mtg & 1Hr CPE Preso 430-6pm, Networking 6-7pm with Appetizers

Meeting Location: Sheraton Hotel, Jaguar II, 10605 Deerwood Park Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32256

Meeting Sponsor: Splunk

Our guest speaker: Andrew D'Auria, Sr. Sales Engineer

Andrew has been working in the software business since graduating from Rutgers University in 1996. His focus over the last decade or so has been information security. He has experience with various technologies including big data analytics, SIEM, log management, endpoint security, encryption, network security, web protection and email filtering. He is a seasoned sales engineer, having worked in this role for companies such as McAfee, netForensics, RSA, SurfControl and MessageLabs. Andrew currently works as a Senior Sales Engineer on the Splunk Major Accounts team, covering the largest companies in the Carolinas. Andrew is a native of New York City, though he and his family retreated to the warmer climate and friendlier environment around Raleigh, NC over 7 years ago and he hasn't looked back.


Presentation: Battling APTs Using the Kill Chain Method

Security threats of yesterday where primarily technology-driven, which meant that technology-based countermeasures were a viable means of protecting our organizations. Today's Advanced Persistent Threats are a major challenge largely because they don't merely rely on technology, but are driven by people and processes using advanced technology to target your organization. To counter these threats, organizations must learn to adapt their people, processes and technology. Learn about how the Kill Chain paradigm can help your organization understand and counter today's modern APT threat.


For more information visit: www.splunk.com



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