1 CPE Zoom Meeting - Techniques Attackers Use to Hack the Human Mind

When: 12-1pm on Thursday 6/11/2020

Meeting Location: Zoom virtual meeting

Speaker: Jennifer Shannon - Threat Intelligence Analyst

Jennifer discovered a passion for computers and problem solving at a young age. She bought Steal This Computer Book 2.0, by Wallace Wang, with one of her first paychecks, and became enamored with hacking and cyber security. She enrolled in Florida State College at Jacksonville’s networking program in order to better understand computer networks and how to secure them. She became involved with STARS Computer Core, while pursuing her degree, and dedicated time to teaching computing skills to underrepresented minorities. Quadrant Information Security hired Jennifer as a Security Analyst in 2017, and she showed an aptitude for both penetration testing and malware analyses. Jennifer was quickly promoted to a role that capitalized on her specialties. She now performs penetration tests against networks, web applications, and mobile software and platforms. Additionally, she reverse-engineers malware samples while also maintaining an automatic malware analysis environment.

Presentation: Social Engineering: Techniques attackers use to hack the human mind

Social engineering within information security focuses on manipulating individuals into divulging confidential information or perform actions that compromise the security of a company. This can range from giving company passwords over the phone to clicking on malicious links embedded in emails. So why does this work? Learn some of the technique’s attackers use for social engineering, why they work, and how to safeguard against them.

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